A couple days ago I released a Wikipedia Beautifier for Chrome inspired by Readability. It was my first exploration into the world of Chrome extensions (which turned out to be surprisingly straightforward). There’s still a rough corner or three to round out, but it makes Wikipedia much easier on the eyes. The internet loves it, and I’m sure you will too.

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  1. David Smith says:

    Hey, this is a cool plugin, but I have one small request – as someone who uses wikipedia in several languages for completeness of information about figures who are more important in, say, the spanish speaking world than amongst english speakers, I really miss the links to the same article in other languages. Is this hidden away somewhere, or has it been removed?

  2. Scott Wheeler says:

    Just hover over the bar on the left and the links fade back in. (This is mentioned, twice, actually, on the project page…)

  3. Jeffrey Paul (sneak) says:

    I independently made a half-assed version of this some weeks/months ago in the form of a bookmarklet containing “javascript:void(document.body.style.fontFamily = ‘Palatino’);”. Glad to see a) that I wasn’t alone and b) more polish.

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