Patch to fix RSS feed for news.yc

I’m an avid reader of news.yc, but it’s annoyed me for some time that the RSS feed is rather broken.  So, I decided to dust off my Lisp skills and give it a go.  The biggest chunk was adding code to do conversion from UNIX timestamps to UTC in Arc.  Significant stuff that works now:

  • Articles are properly sorted newest to oldest.
  • Articles have proper timestamps so that they’re sorted properly by feed readers.
  • Articles that drop off the homepage aren’t immediately removed from the feed to prevent them from being duplicated in if they come back.

Patch is here.

4 thoughts to “Patch to fix RSS feed for news.yc”

  1. Well, hopefully Paul will apply it to news.yc at some point. Presumably the last week he’s been busy with YC applications. We’ll see. Other than that it can be used in other installs of the same software (e.g. New Mogul)

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